Join our 10-week Spinal Consciousness Workshop

Learn how to release back tension, align your posture and explore the centres of consciousness in your spine.

The spine is like an energy super-highway. It aligns our central nervous system with the vertical energy flows of the universe. When we have healthy movement of the spine, in all of its dimensions, it allows for a continual flow of energy for our optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health.

This Workshop will help you...

  • increase spinal stability, mobility and flexibility

  • improve and maintain good posture

  • Strengthen your core and other supporting muscles

  • alleviate back pain

  • improve energy circulation

Meet Karen

Your Yoga Instructor

Karen started her yogic journey as a means of relief from chronic back pain created by childhood trauma. With consistent practices on her own yoga mat, she was pleased to discover that many of her physical symptoms had greatly subsided. During this process of healing her body with yoga, she also found greater emotional balance, as well as peace of mind. All of these benefits inspired her to become a yoga instructor.

As a yoga instructor,

Karen provides a safe and accepting space for her students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to find deeper meaning and inspiration. She integrates Reiki healing into her yoga classes to assist the awakening of spinal consciousness. Her purpose is to make yoga practice accessible for all.

Karen is an engaging and encouraging teacher,

who openly shares her yoga knowledge and personal experience for your learning. Check out her latest simple easy to follow routine here ↓

Date & Time

  • June 26 - August 28

  • Every Friday Evening @ 8 pm MDT

  • Live stream on Zoom


  • Livestream Drop In Class - $15

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  • 10 Registered Classes - $125

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